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Stacked artwork of a Beaver group.

Beaver Scouts are our youngest members. Our two colonies usually meet weekly, taking part in a wide range of activities including games, crafts, and singing, along with plenty of outdoor activities. Our Beavers also have the opportunity to take part in the fun and excitement of camps and sleepovers. For many of our members, this may be the first time they spend a night away from home, so it can be a real adventure for them!

What’s it all about?

The Beaver Scout motto is “Fun and Friends” and this describes the essential ingredients of their programme. The Principles of Beaver Scouting, having fun, making friends, keeping the Promise, sharing and making progress using a variety of groupings underpin all that is done in the Colony.

Using a variety of methods, Beaver Scouts are thus guided to learn about themselves, get to know people, explore and care. These areas are approached in a variety of ways by including activities sometimes close to the Beaver Scouts’ own experiences, sometimes based in the local community and sometimes introducing them to issues in the wider world.

What do Beaver Scouts do?

Our Beaver colonies follow structured and varied programmes, designed to be enjoyable and educational. As well as our weekly meetings, the Beavers enjoy many events throughout the year; for example, the annual Beaver sleepover, and various trips and visits.

Beavers having fun!
Beavers having fun!

Join us

We have two Beaver colonies, one meeting on Monday evenings and the other on Thursday evenings.