HQ building works: Can you help?


We’re now in the final planning stages for implementing our changes to the HQ building on Cookham Road. Obviously, we’re keen on keeping the costs of this project to a minimum so we are now on the lookout for anyone that can help us realise our plans.

We’re specifically interested in anyone that has any of the following skills, either professionally or at a competent DIY level:

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Tiling
  • Plastering

To complete the works, we will also need the services of a qualified electrician.

If you can assist us in any of the capacities we would very much like to talk to you. Please contact Ray Tucker on 07803 891674 or at ray54tt@aol.com.

All change at HQ

Architect plans

Plans are afoot for a major overhaul of our HQ building so that we can make better use of the space that we have and allow the group to continue its expansion. Whilst we can’t make the building itself any bigger, we can re-organise the interior to provide more usable space.

The works will be created in three stages

  1. Conversion of the room to the right of the existing entrance to a disabled/able WC.
  2. A new entrance door at the front of the building to replace the existing garage doors.
  3. Conversion of the store room (old garage) to a meeting room.

The end result will be that we have a much more flexible building including two sizeable meeting rooms (the existing upper room plus a much enlarged ground floor room).

The following link shows both the existing and planned layouts. We expect to make some small changes to the plan as it stands but it gives a good idea of the direction that we are moving in.

Scout HQ – Draft plan

We’re extremely grateful to James Spiteri, a beaver parent and architect, who has drafted these plans for us. In the coming weeks we will be on the lookout for anyone that can help us turn these plans into reality.